Le' Venue Group (LVG) is a cooperative investment management company that consists of Le' Venue Property Development Company, Le' Venue Investments, Le' Venue Managers and Le’ Venue Quarry and Mining Limited. With a strong drive to sustain an existing reputation, the sub-companies co-actively offer precise quality of real estate solutions that are consistently practicable. Operating from Ireland (Dublin), the group thrives on success stories, over 2806 multi-cultural clients and a unique disposition to property development and management.

Le' Venue Group is reputable for its International standard of operation, a client-centered approach in all of its services and a culture that ensures the personal development of every member/staff. More than 96.7% of the clients relish the group's ability to offer the best of Realtors, Project management experts, Legal Professionals, Client Service Executives, Engineers, Project Managers, seasoned Sales Directors, Brand managers, Business Administrators and General Management Professionals. The Big team consistently shares LVG’s corporate culture and also, a strong perception about earning the client's respect. LVG’s mantra is embedded in the saying that “Once you provide a man with a home, half of his problems in life is solved”. As a group,Le' Venue strongly believes that every Nigerian adult deserves to be a land owner,hence guarantees hassle-free acquisition, development and management of property for different socioeconomic strata.

Currently driving a huge project in Nigeria, Le' Venue group recently launched a World Class Investment Solutions Company in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to that, the group's newest subsidiary company seeks to actively engage the younger generation in a way that nobody has ever done in the real estate industry. We believe that the younger generation, with dreams and aspirations, the type of home and environment they want, can appreciate tailor-made investment opportunities where orientation is prioritized.

  • Real Estate Development
  • Mass Housing Projects
  • General Construction
  • Advisory Services
  • Build, Operate and Transfer
  • Property management and Development Services
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Mining and Quarry Services
  • Development of Communities.