Le’Venue Managers Limited, the facility management arm of Le’Venue Group, is a leading property provision and maintenance company in Nigeria managed by registered memebers of the British Institute of Facility Management. It boasts of a team of skilled management professionals committed to quality service delivery and client satisfaction. With multiple clients in Dublin, Ireland and a handful of clients in Delta, Lagos and Abuja Nigeria, Le’ Venue Managers offer an all-encompassing estate management services to Investors who own property in the aforementioned places. Strongly, we believe in the sustenance of property value. We understand that unmanaged as well as mismanaged property will depreciate in value with time. Every investor leaves our office with an impression that we have passionate people who ensure that our clients’ properties remain profitable.

Operations: Lagos (Nigeria), Abuja (Nigeria), Dublin (Ireland)
Vision: To become a leading facility management company in the World
SLOGAN: You Build It, We Maintain It

SERVICES: Provision of lands and homes, Facility management services, Home advisory and Communal support services for primarily selected corporate organizations, industries, shopping malls, residential communities and private residences. As an organization we are uniquely positioned to offer customized facility/estate management services and security services to meet the specific needs of any community or organization.
To meet our customers’ diverse demands we typically seek to understand their specific needs. Once we have established a thorough understanding of the environment and what is required, we identify and develop the right solution for those unique needs.

Our Facility Management services include the following:

• Property Sales, Letting and Lease
• 24-hour Commercial Security Services
• Cleaning and maintenance Services
• Gardening and Landscaping
• Energy Management
• Provision and maintenance of intercommunication system
• Provision and maintenance of advance digital surveillance solution (CCTV Monitoring)
• Provision of high technology guard tracking system
• Construction Project Management
• Facilitation of Real estate Joint Venture
• Assist with the processing of documents such as Approvals, Governor's Consent, Certificate of Occupancy (Cof O) among others